How to Buy Real Estate

Ever heard of the Latin phrase “Caveat Emptor”

It means “Buyer Beware”

  There are so many newbie buyers in the market who want a house in that a lot of “deals” are just not deals at all. Some are just plain dangerous to take on. Vetting and qualifying buyers and sellers are the number one thing when going through a transaction, when not properly disclosed or not properly represented on a transaction it can lead to lawsuits and headaches. 

Do you know why your house didn’t sell? 

  There are only a few reasons why listings expire: seller motivation, condition of the property, wrong price, or ineffective marketing and follow up. The first three reasons are ultimately up to you, the seller. But the marketing and follow up is totally on the agent. I feel bad for sellers when I see bad marketing. I feel worse when agents don’t follow up properly. Here’s what makes me different.Along with all the traditional marketing like the MLS, signs, flyers, websites and social media, I use a multi-million dollar technology to market and follow up with potential buyers. I use a toll-free number on all my marketing with an extension specific for your house so buyers can hear a professionally recorded description of your property any time day or night. The buyer can push a button to connect with me directly to schedule a showing or just hang up. Either way, my system instantly captures their information and texts it to me so I can call them back. I never miss an opportunity to speak with potential buyers. This system is part of my complete marketing plan that helps me sell properties faster and for more money.

Do you do your due diligence on all of your transactions?

Yes, we look in to everyones specific situation and property that is in question at time of inquiry. 

An investor we know recently shared this:

  “I’ve purchased quite a few properties over the years. I’ve never cared what the agent made because I negotiated a deal that worked for me and my situation. Regardless of what the agent made, I was happy with the property. All that mattered was that 1) I was getting a good deal, and 2) that it fit my property investment goals.”

I Will Give You Your Own:

  1. 1 ) Toll-free number to use anywhere you market your house (Facebook, Craigslist, Zillow & more!)
  2. 2 ) Professionally recorded property description (Specific to your property!)
  3. 3 ) Professional property flyer with your toll-free number (Free!)
  4. 4 ) Yard sign with your toll-free number (Also Free!)

Potential buyers call at any time to listen to the pre-recorded property commercial, whether you are available or not. After they listen, they can leave a message or connect directly with you to schedule a showing or make an offer. When the buyer hangs up, the system automatically captures their information and sends you a text message with that information so you can call them back.

Here’s why I do all this for FREE. Only one buyer can purchase your home. I would like to work with the rest of the buyers who want to buy a different house in the area. We both win. You easily sell your home on your own and I get to work with other potential buyers and sellers.

Absolutely no obligations or contracts to use this program

 For more information watch this video

Getting the most money for your property? 

When working with professionals like ourselves you can expect we are marketing your property with the highest level of exposure to acquire the most interested pre-qualified buyers. 

We put together a guide on

how to sell your house in as little as 10 days, 

check it out.